A life of service to country and community

There is no more powerful nor important local elected position than Sheriff. The responsibility to uphold the rule of law, protect our constitutional rights, and fight the evil that lurks in the corners of our community cannot be entrusted to an amateur or unqualified individual. It requires someone of integrity, honor, and commitment.

Born in Pennsylvania, I moved to St. Lucie County as a child and have been blessed to call it home since. As a young man, I proudly served my country in the U.S. Navy. After an honorable discharge, I spent my entire professional career as a deputy with the St. Lucie County Sheriff's Office, first as a detention deputy in the jail and then as a patrol deputy, detective, and school resource officer where I also served as the assistant baseball coach for several years at Port St. Lucie High School. I retired from the Sheriff’s Office in 2012 after 25 years of service.

I have decided to come out of retirement and run for Sheriff of St. Lucie County because there is too much at stake. At a time when law enforcement around our great nation is under attack, my opponent in the Republican primary - a disgraced former trooper who has flip-flopped as a democrat, independent and republican - cannot be given the chance to serve in such a critical and important position. His record speaks for itself, and I cannot stand idly by and allow such a candidate to ever step foot into our respected and honorable Sheriff’s Office.

As a true Republican, I see the good work being done across our state and our nation by our great Governor and President and hope to bring that same level of good work and change to make our local community greater, stronger and safer.

Join me in ensuring that a REAL REPUBLICAN wins the Republican primary for Sheriff of St. Lucie County. Vote for Kevin Carter for Sheriff on August 18!!