About My Opponent


My opponent, once a Democrat and now a RINO "Republican," claims an extensive and storied law enforcement experience. But he can never be permitted near a position of importance like the Sheriff - after only six years on the job as a Florida Highway Patrol officer, he resigned rather than be fired after an internal investigation uncovered that he was having sex on duty, harassing and stalking a woman, violated agency policy, and inappropriately used government equipment for his personal use. You can read the entire FHP internal affairs report and findings here and local news coverage here.

On top of that, my opponent's former supervisor at the Highway Patrol, now Sheriff of Indian River County Deryl Loar, labeled his last (failed) run for Sheriff as "absurd" and had this to say about Williams: 

"when he was employed for the Florida Highway Patrol . . . he opted instead for continued unethical behavior, embarrassing himself, his coworkers and the agency. . . . He should never be employed by a Florida law enforcement agency. . . ." 

You can read Sheriff Loar's entire letter to the editor here.

Given my opponent's past, he likely couldn't pass the background check to get the necessary security clearances to even serve as Sheriff.  Whether flip flopping as a Democrat or RINO to try to beat the system or tarnishing the badge of the FHP, we can't take a chance that someone like this could be elected to a position as important as Sheriff of St. Lucie County. 

Vote Kevin Carter for Sheriff on August 18!